No. HB-1 - Starter Upholstery Kit

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A basic home upholstery kit to repair or rebuild a chair or sofa. Excellent for students and hobbyists.

Professional packaging pictures all tools.

Box is designed for hang up display.

Weighs 1-1/2 lbs. UPC No. 14070. 

No. HB-1 - Starter Upholstery kit 
Quantity eachOsborne No.DescriptionUPC No.
11011Magnetic Hammer56014
1255Webbing Stretcher64268
1201Tack Claw64224
1501-1/2 3Curved Needle 3"15136
1501-1/2 6Curved Needle 6"15144
1504-10Straight Needle 10"15370
36190 3Upholstery Pins 3" long15932
1B-1 BOOKInstruction Booklet14044