No. B-11 - Intermediate Upholstery Kit

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This kit contains the basic tools and needles required for reupholstery work, but in it, we have eliminated a few of the more expensive professional items in order to bring the cost down to a more popular level for use by schools or other institutions. It serves as an intermediate kit between our popular B-1Upholstery Kit and the B-7 Pro Upholstery Kit.

Professional box cover pictures all tools in kit.

Weighs 2-1/2 lbs. UPC No. 14062.

No. B-11 - Intermediate Upholstery Kit 
Quantity eachOsborne No.DescriptionUPC No.
11011Tack Hammer56014
1253Gooseneck Webbing Stretcher64266
1120 1/2Staple Lifter64006
1 402Ripping Chisel53212
1 76 1/2Square Point Knife60046
1520-8Upholstery Regulator 8" 66064
1501-1/2 3Curved Needle 3"15136
1501-1/2 4Curved Needle 4"15140
1501-1/2 6Curved Needle 6"15144
1502-1/2 4Curved Sq. point needle 4"15270
1504-8Straight Rd. Pt. Needle 8"15368
1684 1010" Shears14430
36190 3Upholstery Pins15932
188-WHTaylor Chalk - White65134
1B-1Instruction booklet14044