No. 417 - Tufting Needle

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THE VERY BEST. Does not catch when needle is withdrawn. After threading button, end of needle is loaded with clasp. As needle reaches maximum depth, clasp is ejected. Saves time and labor.  No need  to remove the outside back of piece being tufted. A splendid tool to the true craft person.

Working Process:

1.- At the start, assemble on the thread the corresponding    quantity      

     of clasps   for the required number of stitches. clasp with 

     thread in the hollow of the needle.

2.- Push needle (with ed clasps and thread) through upholstery 

     fabric, press head of needle. Clasp with thread will be ejected. 

3.- Pull needle out and tighten thread, clasp will be anchored inside.

 Needles are carded with instructions indeded.

Also available in larger size Osborne No. 417-L 18" long, well suited for mattresses.


No. 417 - Tufting Needle 
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