No. 410 - U-Cut Foam Rubber Slicer - Patented

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U-Cut is fast and flexible.  Place U-Cut on a flat surface with the slab of material to be cut. The desired cutting thickness is quickly obtained by means of an adjustable screw setting.
The operator then merely pushes and pulls the U-Cut in a saw-like action making wedges, curves, arcs and other special shapes.
U-Cut is great for proto-typing and small furniture jobs.
U-Cut will cut from a minimum thickness of 1/4” to a maximum thickness of 9”. Material up to 36” in width and unlimited length can be processed. Scrap can be glued, salvage and re-cut. 
Extra blades available. OSBORNE No. 410-B.

No. 410 - U-Cut Foam Rubber Slicer 
Osborne No.DescriptionOverall length (in)Width (in)Weight ea. (lbs.)UPC No.
410U-Cut Foam Rubber Slicer46177-1/214352
410-BReplacement blade 4211/814354