No. 302 - Filler Bazooka

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Now fill cushions, pillows, pillow backs, mattresses, mattress pads and much more the easy way. Turn tedious jobs into a simple ones by placing the back end of the Bazooka just above the loose filler container and the front end into the item to be filled. In seconds, the Bazooka literally sucks the loose filler into the sleeve being filled, saving approximately
98% of the mess and waste. It’s also a vacuum cleaner.
* Can be used with down, kapok, shredded foam, styrofoam pellets and other  loose materials.
* Bright, lightweight aluminum - 28” length, 2” outside diameter.
* Operates on 60 to 90 lbs. of pressure.
* Completely assembled and ready for immediate use.
Nozzle also sold separately Osborne No. 302N.

No. 302 - Filler Bazooka 
Osborne No.DescriptionOverall length (in)Hole diameter (in)Weight ea. (lbs.)UPC No.
302NReplacement Nozzle3-1/410304