No. 773 - Hog Rings - Copper Coated

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Copper coated hog rings.  14 wire gauge. Available with sharp points or with blunt points.

These hog rings are used with our Osborne No. 773-HRP Hog Ring Pliers. They can also be set with our Osborne series No. 1440 as well.

Packed and sold in boxes of 1,000 pcs.


No. 773 - Hog Rings - Copper Coated 
Osborne No.DescriptionPackage (lbs)Approximate rings per boxWeight per box (lbs)UPC No.
773-K 2525mm Sharp Point Rings11,0001 64799
773-KB 2020mm Blunt Point Rings11,000164801
773-KS 2020mm Sharp Point Rings11,000164797