No. 689 - Blued Sterilized Tacks

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Sharp points and strong, thin oval heads are ideal for attaching all types of webbing, fabric and leather.

Sturdy construction and blued finish to protect against rusting.

Sterilized by radialion. CORRUGATED TACKS are also available Osborne No. 689-12C.

Sold in 1 lb. boxes.

Available in 4 sizes.

No. 689 - Blued Sterilized Tacks 
Osborne No.DescriptionLength of tack (in)Weight per box (lbs)UPC No.
689-3Blued sterilized tack3/8114038
689-6Blued sterilized tack1/2114040
689-12Blued sterilized tack11/16114042
689-12CCORRUGATED Blued sterilized tack - 11/16114044